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Shadows of the Last War
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Thursday, March 25th, 2010
12:22 am
Gods of Warhammer, Part 4 - Gods Ex Miscellanea
The following deities are a collection of miscellaneous gods that influence the Old World in one form or the other. I include them because we have non-human, non-Imperials in the party, and because the Ruinous Powers are the enemies of all characters.

Gods Ex MescellaneaCollapse )

There are other deities, but they are minor cults, worshiped in limited areas or by particular groups. As need arises, I will talk about them in game.
Monday, March 15th, 2010
12:48 am
Gods of Warhammer, Part 3 - Gods of Civilization
The last three gods of the Empire are those deities that only flourish because of the urban areas and the social and psychological elements that grow out of urban environments. These gods and goddesses can be found in the Empire as well as Brettonia, Tilea, and Estonia. Myrmidia falls under this group as well as being a war god, but mostly only in the southern nations, because Tilea and Estalia both worship her as a patron of the arts and sciences as well as a goddess of combat. In the Empire, where she is a much less common god, she is primarily seen as a goddess of war, so her other spheres of influence are normally attributed to other gods, like Verena (see below).

The Gods of CivilizationCollapse )

The next entry in the Gods of the Empire will be brief descriptions of the Lady of the Lake, patron goddess of Brettonia, and the Ruinous Powers, the four gods of the forces of Chaos.
12:47 am
Combat Actions
These are brief descriptions of the combat actions described on the character sheet:

Aim (Half Action) - Aiming will grant a +10% to a character's Weapon Skill or Ballistic Skill for one attack.

Cast (Varied) - Casting can be variable in time depending on the spell, but using Channelling to improve the casting takes an extra half action. Casting can be an extended action (i.e., it can take more than one turn), but only one spell can be cast per turn.

Charge (Full Action) - A charge must move at least 4 yards before hitting the target, and the last 4 yards must be in a straight line. The charging character gets a +10% to his or her Weapon Skill.

Disengage (Full Action) - This allows a character to break out of melee combat and move away a number of yards equal to twice your Movement stat (or a number of squares on the map equal to the Movement stat, since each square is two yards). If trying to move away from one or more opponent without using the Disengage action, each opponent gets a free attack on the character before he or she moves away, in addition to any other attacks the enemy can make during their turn.

Move(Half Action) - Move up to twice your Movement stat in yards (or a number of squares equal to your Movement stat). Rough terrain may alter this movement.

Ready (Half Action) - This is the act of readying a weapon or object for use, or putting an object away.

Reload (Varies) - Reload times are specific to the type of weapon. Reloading can be an extended action, taking more than one round.

Stand/Mount (Half Action) - This is standing up from the ground, or mounting a steed.

Standard Attack (Half Action) - One melee or ranged attack.

Swift Attack (Full Action) - If a character has an Attack stat of 2 or higher, this action allows them to use all attacks in a round. If using a missile weapon, the weapon must be able to be reloaded as a free action or if the character has a loaded pistol in each hand. In the latter case, only two attacks are possible.

Use a Skill(Varies) - This can be an extended action, and depends on the skill.

All Out Attack (Full Action) - This is a furious melee attack, and grants a +20% Weapon Skill bonus. However, until his or her next turn, the character cannot parry or dodge.

Defensive Stance (Half Action) - Going defensive prevents the character from attacking in his or her turn, but grants a -20% Weapon Skill penalty to all melee attacks against him or her until his or her next turn.

Delay (Half Action - A character can wait for an opportunity to attack. His or her turn ends, but a half action is reserved for later use. Any time before his or her next turn, the character can take the half action. If two characters go simultaneously, an opposed Agility Test is made to see who goes first. If a prepared action is not taken before the character's next turn, it is lost.

Feint (Half Action) - A feint involves an opposed Weapon Skill test. If successful, the character's next attack cannot be dodged or parried (although it still must be rolled). If this attack is anything but a standard melee attack, this advantage is lost.

Guarded Attack (Full Action) - This is a cautious attack. The character takes a -10% penalty to his melee attack, but gets a +10% bonus on any attempted parries or dodges.

Jump/Leap (Full Action) - The character jumps or leaps across something.

Maneuver (Half Action) - This is an attempt to move a character's opponent 2 yards (one map square) in a direction of the character's choosing. An opposed Weapon Skill test is rolled, and the opponent is moved if it is successful. Opponents cannot be forced into another character or terrain feature.

Parrying Stance (Half Action) - The character readies to parry an incoming blow. Any time before the character's next turn, he or she can attempt to parry an incoming blow. The stance ends at the beginning the character's next turn. This is really only useful if the character does not have a shield or weapon in his or her off-hand, since these offer a free parry.

Run (Full Action) - This a full-speed movement, equal to six times the character's Movement stat in yards (or three in map squares). While running, the character is harder to hit with missile weapons (-20% Ballistic Skill penalty) but easier to hit with melee weapons (+20% Weapon Skill). Difficult terrain prevents a character from running.
Monday, March 8th, 2010
12:44 am
The Gods of the Empire, Part 2 - Gods of the Wild
While this is strictly about the gods described below, the term "Gods of the Wild" overlaps with the previous trio, in that it describes gods that have a more primal, elemental sphere of influence than others. Ulric, God of War and Winter, strictly falls into this group, but in the interest of keeping things symmetrical, I'm not including him in this classification.

The Gods of the WildCollapse )

The final triad of gods of the Empire, the Gods of Civilization, will be posted soon.
Friday, February 26th, 2010
10:08 pm
Gods of Warhammer, Part 1 - Gods of War
In the Warhammer Universe, religion is important. With the educational level of most of the people of the Empire and Brettonia being of medieval levels, communities rely on their priests to tell them what is true and what is not in the Old World. As a result, what god you worship may define your perception of Truth (not all that different from the real world). The following details the gods encountered in the Old World briefly.

Cut for spaceCollapse )

The second triad of gods, the Gods of the Wild, will be forthcoming.
Tuesday, February 2nd, 2010
2:42 pm
Many citizens of the Empire speak proudly and with great feeling about the longstanding alliance that Sigmar's descendants share with the Dwarfs of the Worlds' Edge Mountains. They cite many reasons for the strength of this alliance, from Sigmar's original act of bravery that saved the Dwarf King Kurgan Ironbeard's life to the continuing interspersal of the Dwarf clans among the populace of the Empire. All of these are valid points, but the true reason that the Empire continues to do business and maintain cogenial relations with their mountain-dwelling neighbors is this.

Current Mood: amused
Thursday, January 28th, 2010
2:25 pm
Warhammer Gazetteer, Part the First: The Slayers
Dwarfs are a long-lived race, with a prodigious memory and a long and detailed history. It is said that a dwarf never truly forgets anything that he or she sees, does, or learns, and this is both a blessing and a curse for each member of the race. This sense of memory has carried over to their culture as a whole, and the books of history and law are intermingled and indistinguishable from each other. Valaya, one of the three best-known dwarfen ancestor-gods, taught the dwarfs writing and they use it regularly to record their lives, their triumphs, and their grudges. The Book of Grudges details every mistreatment of the dwarfs throughout their long history, and individual families and clans have their own, smaller copies that contain the misdeeds performed against them as well as those perpatrated against the race as a whole.

Because of this ability to remember every slight or dishonor and the almost infallible memory of dwarfs (it is said that no dwarf drinks himself or herself beyond his or her capability more than once, because they remember the hangover perfectly), all dwarfs are expected to honor the deeds and grudges of their ancestors, ranging all the way back into the shadows of the myths of the deeds of Grungni, Grimnir, and Valaya. Because of this, there are certain sins that a dwarf can commit that can dishonor him or her so completely that there is no way to make amends. Extreme cases of cowardice, greed, or other powerful sins, especially ones that result in dwarfs failing in their tasks (especially tasks set forth by their superiors or their ancestors) can cause such guilt in a dwarf that they can suffer the equivalent of a psychotic break and spiral into total depression. The only solution allowed in dwarf culture is for them to follow the path of the Slayer.

A dwarf in such a state seeks to atone for his or her sins in the only way possible, by dying. However, dwarfs do not condone suicide (they see it as cowardice in its most extreme), so they have a convoluted ritual that allows them to make the attempt. A dwarf will shave his or her head and beard, which will then be burned in offering to Grimnir, the dwarf ancestor-god of war. At this point, the dwarf swears to destroy as many of the enemies of dwarfkind, until they die in battle. Having made this vow, the dwarf takes up arms and journeys in search of more and more powerful enemies, with the hope of being killed in combat. Trolls are the most commonly sought out, due to their size, danger, and ease of finding them, but Slayers also hunt giants, dragons, daemons, and other great foes, or foes in great numbers.

Dwarfs acknowledge Slayers, but treat them with great care. Slayers are, essentially, mad, and their anger and frustration at being unable to atone for their sins can cause them to be short-tempered and violent, even among other dwarfs. Around humans, they have a tendency to be at the center of bar fights, street brawls, and other minor bursts of violence, to say nothing of the Slayers who marched to the North when Archaon's forces invaded. Most humans are unfamiliar with Slayers, seeing them as merely a strange dwarfen combat unit, but there are those who know of the cult and treat them accordingly.

Slayers generally have little regard for their appearance, but often shave their hair into weird crests (after it grows back) and dye it and their beards brilliant and gaudy colors (orange is a favorite). They favor tattoos and piercings and generally avoid armor. They carry little in the way of personal goods, only their weapons (often great two-handed axes and hammers) and some travelling supplies.
9:08 am
I'll be dropping information here from time to time, about the new Warhammer campaign. It will mostly be backstory, culture, and assorted tidbits (like a list of combat actions). If you're not in the game, it may bore you terribly. You may wish to unsubscribe from this LJ community/thingy/whatsit.

However, it will be a few days before I start transcribing. I have a program book to finish, and it is eating all my hobby time.
Wednesday, June 20th, 2007
6:54 pm
Just a question....
If I happen to be sitting in my front room with my Warhammer stuff, ready to run a game, around 6:00 pm on Saturday, would anyone be interested in showing up?

Current Mood: curious
Wednesday, April 4th, 2007
9:54 pm
Given serendipitygirl's and longshot14's comments this fine day, I am inspired to ask this:

Would anyone care for a quick game of ... well, just about anything on the shelves that we can start quickly, on Saturday?

Just curious.

Current Mood: fiending to roll dice
Friday, January 12th, 2007
12:16 pm
Are we on? I haven't heard from anyone since prior to computer meltdown.
Tuesday, January 2nd, 2007
3:54 pm
So...when're we gaming next? *G*
(( Someone had to ask... ))
Friday, December 8th, 2006
1:59 pm
Is everyone good with Saturday night, around 6pm? I have things that I have to do both Saturday and Sunday afternoon. Sorry for the last minute notice, but that's the way this week has been.
Monday, December 4th, 2006
9:36 am
A request
Tell me we're gaming this weekend - I really need the catharsis.

Current Mood: Jain needs to cut a bitch
Friday, November 17th, 2006
1:12 pm
What time are we gaming? Noon?
Friday, October 20th, 2006
2:48 pm
Game starts at 12:30 pm at Casa de Misrule on Sunday. I figure we can break around 6-7pm for dinner afterwards.
Monday, October 16th, 2006
9:08 pm
According to my calendar, Sunday should be fine. If everyone is amenable, let's try and start around 12:30 pm.
Thursday, October 12th, 2006
11:14 pm
Leroy Jenkins
If you haven't seen it already, go to www.youtube.com and search on Leroy Jenkins. Watch the first video. Hilarity will ensue.
Friday, October 6th, 2006
10:44 am
For a change, I'd like to try and start a little earlier. Can we get everyone to the Manor of Misrule by about 4:00 pm? Let me know if this will be an issue.
Sunday, September 24th, 2006
4:04 pm
Straight from the Dragon's Mouth
Saturday October 7th, we are playing Eberron. Yay.

Current Mood: busy
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